Trend Alert: Monogramming

Trend Alert: Monogramming

The rise of Instagram and Facebook means everyone wants to show off their personal brand. Monogrammed jewellery, stationery, and wallets are becoming powerful fashion statements. However, is the trend of bespoke leather and lifestyle accessories right for you?

Is Monogramming Right for You?

Monogramming strikes the perfect balance between statement and simplicity. It conveys luxury but also a dedication to style. It's therefore perfect if you want to demonstrate you're polished, organised, in control, confident, and have a strong commitment to your personal brand. It also shows your friends they are loved and cared for if you decide to make it a gift.

Arlington Milne Offers Complimentary Monogramming 

Arlington Milne offers bespoke monogramming for all our fine leather goods. Choose two to three letters and colour them in gold, rose gold, or blind embossed. You can use the initials of your first, last and middle name (or maiden name) for a traditional nod, or use your first and last name initials. Alternatively, trend-setters have begun to monogram their favourite sayings on their wallets, totes and purses. We love 'FYB' 'follow your bliss' and 'YWC' 'yes we can'.

Want to give our complimentary service a try? You only have to wait for three to ten business days for your bespoke look to arrive. We use high-quality fine leather for all our purses, wallets, and handbags, so your monogram can shine with crisp definition. If you have any questions get in touch, our staff will be there to help.

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