What Makes The Perfect Wallet

What Makes The Perfect Wallet

There's no wardrobe item more essential or personal than your wallet.

The perfect wallet is a true reflection of your style so there are a few design boxes that need to be checked.

Let's go over them.

Is it Functional?

The perfect wallet holds and protects all of your cards, notes and coins. At Arlington Milne, all wallets feature sophisticated zip up detailing to ensure none of your cards or money fall out. When browsing for the perfect wallet, make sure its signature design aesthetics suit your needs and lifestyle.

Is it Well-Made?

There's a reason luxury is synonymous with quality. Exceptional genuine leather, fine detailing, and classic design are all hallmarks of a well-made wallet that ages gracefully.

Invest in a sophisticated, quality wallet and it should keep up with your lifestyle for years.

Is it a Classic?

Flashy brands and heavy logos inevitably date. For a classic style, try lasting trends that have stood the test of time.

We love the Grace Wallet in Snake for its classic snake pattern design and texture, or the Large Wallet in Black Gloss for a pared-back minimalist-chic look.

Do You Love It?

In 2015, Oprah listed Arlington Milne's wallets as one of her favourite things for that year. Do you love your wallet the same way?

Fashion and function aside, if you love and have-to-have your wallet, that's what makes it perfect for you.

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