The Benefits of Simple Accessories

The Benefits of Simple Accessories

Whether it’s a delicate layered necklace, a black leather tote, or a suede wallet, a simple accessory has the power to transform your daily look.

Here are our top tips for choosing simply.

The Wallet

When choosing a wallet, avoid flashy logos and heavy branding in favour of tried and true trends that will last. Picking classic colours, shapes, and styles means your wallet will match your outfit with relative ease. That's the power of a simple, go-to accessory. We love the Grace Leather Wallet in Snake for its classic pattern and neutral blush colour.

The Backpack

Choose a novelty backpack and you're likely to use it once and never again. Choose a neutral backpack in shades of black, beige and tan, and it's likely to be the most functional item in your wardrobe. We love the Chloe Backpack in Navy and in Black because it goes with virtually any outfit. Finely crafted, well-sized and with 14-karat plated hardware, and a minimalist-chic style - the Chloe is stunning and timeless, you'll never find it hard to style this look.

Clutch Bags

The ultimate chameleon, a well-made, well-designed clutch can elevate your look in an instant. Choose a simple clutch with a detachable strap and it can take you from day to night in a heartbeat. For example, the Paige Leather Clutch in Black is made from premium leather with raw, unlined edges and the all-important detachable strap, the Paige operates as a casual crossbody during the day and a sexy clutch at night.

What Do You Think?

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