Trending: The Petite Wallet

Trending: The Petite Wallet

One of our favourite trends for the season has been the petite, small sized wallet! With only a few card slots plus space for cash and change we love the simple, streamlined feeling for summer...

1. Minimise and Simplify

Nowadays because our phones are taking over for our gym memberships, loyalty cards and even our credit cards, we need less. We love the sheer simplicity and minimalism the small purse stands for.

2. Perfect for the streamlined bag.

In keeping with utility and less, bags are getting smaller too. Slim, streamlined crossbodies are popular and wallets similarly are smaller to fit our desire for a minimalist style and peace of mind.

3. Available in so many colours

Our favourites are the Zoe wallet in Black Saffiano and the Olivia coin purse Vintage Tan, great for a staple neutral.

What’s next?

Next on AM’s horizon, more from the clutch x wallet. A clutch bag with drawstring featuring a small pouch for cards and change. Perfect for those times where we only want our essentials.

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