Our Story

Founded in 2009 Arlington MILNE is a women’s lifestyle brand, with a focus on apparel and leather accessories. Arlington MILNE delivers classically inspired pieces, which have been executed with an element of cheeky sophistication that brings something special to your everyday style.

We are a family owed & operated business, and our success is built in part by a focus of supporting other family owned & operated businesses. All design development is carried out by our team in Sydney, and we work closely with our production partners, based both locally and overseas. We have long standing relationships with all our suppliers, with a strong mutual understanding of our commitment to “slow” production methods.

We have an eye on the future and we are currently actively transitioning to the use of 100% recycled packing materials, in addition to reducing the amount of packaging materials used. Our apparel ranges focus on natural fibres, with all collections produced to order, hence cutting down over supply.

Governed by a commitment to quality and driven by a strong customer focus, our team’s everyday priority is to produce products that will complement and enhance our customer’s style and that will stand the test of time.


Arlington Milne / Elms+King
In The Community
As designers, business owners and mothers, we are also passionate about supporting children and raise funds for a number of children’s charities, especially those close to our hearts.

Giant Steps aim is to educate children and families experiencing autism, to alleviate associated stress for families involved.

FAST is an organization of families and professionals dedicated to finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome and related disorders through the funding of an aggressive research agenda, education, and advocacy.

Brainwave is Australia’s only charity that focuses on supporting paediatric brain illnesses.

Kids for Life’s mission is to raise funds for research and awareness, to find cures for childhood illness and disease and assist in the welfare of children less fortunate than others.