At Arlington Milne we strive to offer our customers quality products constructed from only the finest materials. Our leathers are hand chosen for their quality and unique appearance. Leather is designed to age! Like any skin, appearance will change over time. Small imperfections and variances are a natural occurence in leather, treat this as a unique feature and not a fault. Product returns will not accepted on the basis. Leather needs your love!


Leather is the combination of raw hides from animals & the process of tanning. Tanning agents are used to convert the raw skin or hide into a stable non-perishable material. Most tanneries apply complex coatings onto the leathers to increase their stain and wear resistance. The concept of good leather care is to maintain these coatings for as long as possible. When allowed to build up, grime, dust, body oils and food stains can breakdown the coatings which may change the condition and appearance of your leather item.

Characteristics of Leather

Care Tips